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Digital Accessibility Policy


Our goal at Mizzou is to ensure that all digital communications and information technology is designed, developed and procured to be accessible to people with disabilities.

To that end, an initiative was formed to produce a Digital Accessibility Policy and can be found in the Business Policy & Procedures Manual (BPPM 13:010).

The policy has widespread support and is a collaborative effort involving the Division of IT; the Disability Center; the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity; and Mizzou Creative.

The policy puts into place two governing groups:

  1. Digital Accessibility Advisory Board. These are campus leaders. This group will oversee implementation of the policy and set priorities going forward.
  2. Digital Accessibility Working Group. This group is comprised of staff working “on the ground” in IT, communications and academic departments. This group will regularly update the standards, provide information to the advisory board about current issues with digital accessibility on campus, and assist with providing guidance and training to the campus community.

What does the policy cover?

The implementation of this policy puts into place:

  1. Standards for campus to provide guidance on accessibility
  2. Procedures tailored to ensure accessibility in design, development, and procurement
  3. Detailed training and resources on accessibility

The scope of the policy includes a broad range of digital communications and technologies:

  • Web-based Communications
  • Procurement of Software and Applications
  • Videos and Multimedia
  • Training, Instructional Materials, and Online Learning Modules
  • Telecommunications
  • Computers and other computing devices
  • Digital Content, Files, and Products